More Information About the Research Project

The Impact of Live Discharge from Hospice on Patients & Caregivers

Eligibility requirement:

Adult patients, 18 years and older, and their primary caregivers, who are discharged alive from hospice care due to no longer meeting eligibility requirements. Patients can live at home or in a facility.

If a patient is unable to participate due to their condition, they are still eligible for this study! Their primary caregiver will be able to respond to questions on their behalf (with permission from the legally authorized representative/POA).

Note: If patients are discharged for a hospitalization, to seek curative care, or due to a move they are not eligible to participate in this study.


1. For each referral that leads to an enrolled participant, you will receive a $25 Amazon gift card by e-mail. Your company will also receive one entry into a drawing for one of four $500 hospice donations, designated for emergency patient needs.
2. Following EACH POINT of the study (0, 3, and 6 months), the patient and primary caregiver will BOTH receive a $25 gift card.

Note: If the caregiver provides information on behalf of the patient (if a patient is unable to participate due to their condition), only the caregiver will receive a gift card after each survey.

Script to Introduce Study to Patients and their Caregivers

You can use the script below to introduce this study to patients and caregivers:

“We recently learned about a research opportunity at Saint Louis University for patients and their caregivers who, like you, are being discharged from hospice care. They want to understand what happens in the 6 months following a live discharge from hospice care. Many people find that sharing their experiences for research is one way to contribute toward change for others who might face this same challenge in the future. Since you are eligible for the study, I wanted to share the opportunity with you. To participate you will talk with a representative from the study to complete a survey either by phone or over zoom on three occasions: closely following the hospice discharge, and then at 3 and 6 months later. You and your caregiver will both receive a $25 gift card after each survey.
Would it be okay for me to share your name and phone number with Dr. Cara Wallace and her research team? If so, they will follow up with you to go over further details for the study to see if you would like to participate. Participation is voluntary and you can say no at any time during the process.”

IRB and Funding

IRB Information: This study has been approved by the Saint Louis University Institutional Review Board.
Protocol #31241
(314) 977-7730
Funding for Study: This study is funded by the National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Nursing Research.
Study #: 1R21NR017978-01A1